Man what's going on,

         I go by Jaebars, one word please, and I am an artist. I make Music, I do graphics, I do photography, I draw pictures, I print cd's, I build other artists, I am HUMAN, I'm just ME. I welcome you to my site, my little corner of the internet world and I thank you for stopping by. What you are getting is a person becoming and growing as a person. That's important to say. I am deep into my craft it's all I live for. You are welcome to comment, listen, debate, all of the above and more. This is going to be a wordy intro I apologize in advance but I am a person that is complicated in simplicity. I am an artist and an everyday person. I make music, I make art, I make dopeness and I can do it for any artist.

         So get #behindbars and let me know what I can do for you. Thank you for taking interest. Get involved and lets make tomorrow #dope.


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Thanks for stopping by the page. Check out the music links and videos and connect on the social sites. Feed back is very welcomed here. Also if you would like to contribute to the growth and music there is a link below and thank you in advance. It can get rough on this road and all support is appreciated as a blessing to create a dream.

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