Ok check it.

That Bio is cool and all and some other stuff has transpired since, I've worked for a couple labels, I've helped create brands for artists, companies, done videos made commercials all kinds of things. What you get from my music is the idea of perspectives mostly placed in story form. Theirs morals to each story and a point I'm probably trying to get across. 9 times out of 10 that's my creative process. I would love for it to be understood and expressed through the music and visuals but sometimes depending on the body of work i'll grant more insight to what i'm attempting to do. Don't worry I will not make it hard to find it's usually gonna be in the #Behindbars section.


Eventually If all goes as planed im gonna latch these ideas to a video blog entitled "Lost In Translation" only time will tell.


Basically what I want to get across to you right now at this very moment is that this website and my music and almost everything I do is in an attempt to be an experience. I'm open for discussions on these Ideas, how they may or may not come across to you and what your unique beliefs are. So contact me question me that's all welcomed and join the experience . I can't promise I'll always be right, I can't promise Imma always agree with you, hell I can't promise I won't say some shit you just don't like But what i can promise is that that's ok. I won't judge you as I hope if we get open with these topics you don't judge me.

I added this part to the Bio section because I felt like it had to be said. I would like you guys to be apart of what I am trying to pull off so the call to action is don't be a stranger. The world of music is set up very differently in the real world than in my mind, But i want to curve that way of the business and do it the way I want to. So #getbehindbars and let us create an experience and clear up anybody that's "Lost In Translation"

(see how I added that lil promo in there.... lol.... ok I'm done)




by the way the name is jaebars... thats JAEBARS or Jaebars don't just randomly capitalize the B (JaeBars) I don't know who that guy is.


with Love




Thanks for stopping by the page. Check out the music links and videos and connect on the social sites. Feed back is very welcomed here. Also if you would like to contribute to the growth and music there is a link below and thank you in advance. It can get rough on this road and all support is appreciated as a blessing to create a dream.

 Thanks again



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