Milwaukee native Jaebars is a hip-hop artist, graphic designer, director, and song writer. A jack of all trades with a passion for hip-hop music. Collaborating all these skills into a way of experiencing music visually as well as sonic-ally. Jaebars found his passion for creating early with writing poetry, short stories, and creating comic books. Eventually he found an outlet for his passions of creating through music. Inspired by lyricists such as Eminiem, Royce Da 5'9", Fabolous, and Jadakiss Jaebars found his own way of putting verses with stories with pictures. He trys to place as many different view points and perspectives in his music as possible because he believes that we all go through the same things in life just slightly differently and these stories need to be told. 

Jaebars considers himself a free spirit that through his music can inspire those of like minds that believe that the world is a beautiful place can come together and laugh, joke, be angry, sad, happy all together and realize that we are all the same just different.

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